Tourism & Hospitality Jobs

Find your dream job in hospitality and tourism

Are you looking to start or advance your career in the tourism and hospitality industry? Look no further. Browse through the categories to find advice and guidance on the most in demand roles in the industry, as well as current opportunities for each sector.



Management Careers

From hotel and restaurant management through to HR and finance, there are plenty of opportunities to take the leap into management roles in the industry.

Customer Service Careers

Delivering top quality service is essential in the tourism industry. If you have a flair for people skills, this may be the perfect career path for you to explore.

Tour Operator Careers

With tourist numbers steadily increasing in Ireland, tour operators who are experienced, knowledgeable and approachable are in higher demand than ever.

Health & Wellness Careers

Health & Wellness staff are employed across the sector, meaning that those qualified and experience candidates can enjoy a variety of employment opportunities.

Front of House Careers

From hotels to restaurants and bars, the front of house team are pivotal in ensuring guests are well looked after. Find your perfect role now.

Events & Hospitality Careers

A great event relies on a spectacular events team to ensure everything runs smoothly. A highly sought after skills will set you apart in this sector.

Arts, Culture and Heritage Careers

Many tourists flock to Ireland to experience the culture and heritage of the Emerald Isle. If you have an artistic background and great people skills, this could be a fantastic avenue to explore.

Back of House Careers

From Kitchen Managers and Porters to Chefs and Cleaners, staff in these roles play a crucial role behind the scenes, often working as part of a wider operations team.

Kitchen Chef Careers

The heart of a good restaurant is the kitchen team. Explore your career options and current roles within this highly rewarding career path.

Sales & Marketing Careers

Sales and marketing is a vital component of the tourism and hospitality industry. See what opportunities are available and where your skills could take you.

Food & Beverage Service

Food and Beverage Service staff are the backbone of the Tourism & Hospitality industry, with several career paths open to ambitious and hardworking professionals.

Tourism Service Careers

From travel agents through to venue managers and retail sales assistants, there are many entry points to this industry that have great progression opportunities.

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